Who are we ?


Harmonizing our energy needs while safeguarding the environment.


Arkeon offers innovative and accessible technical solutions and services to reduce the environmental impact of heat and cold production and distribution units, especially regarding greenhouse gas emissions.


For everyone to benefit from low-carbon heating and air conditioning



Respecting the environment starts with our actions and continues with the long-term vision we have with Arkeon Energy Systems.


Working while integrating our team members and partners with transparency, genuiness, willpower and accountability.


To take action in order to bring real well-being to our teams and to those to whom we provide the solution.
Our keywords: Respect of others, goodwill, freedom and accountability.


Of ideas and people. To us, a good team is a bonding heterogeneous team.


To be a startup that has the will to innovate and take action.

Our story

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals within a startup, driven by the desire to gather our respective skills for a meaningful purpose – energy efficiency.

A team of research engineers, business development and marketing professionals, who shared common values, came together in August 2020 to create the Arkeon Energy Systems project.

Our various backgrounds and experiences are the core of our team. Launched at a time where everything is done remotely, Arkeon has grown thanks to the cohesion and empowerment of its team.

Our team

Philippe CHAUVIN

"As a technology, innovation, entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability enthusiast, I decided to put these years of professional experience and accumulated best practices to serve my professional aspiration and create Arkeon."

Clémence GUERIN

Marketing assistant
"Passionate about environmental sustainability, I wanted to work for a company specializing in this industry for my last year of apprenticeship in order to graduate from my Bachelor in Marketing and International Business."


Business development director
"After working for 30 years in the water treatment and environmental services fields, I was attracted by the values Arkeon stands for - decarbonizing building - its entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, as well as the team involved in the project."


Marketing & communication manager
"I've always wanted to join a committed project such as Arkeon - its environmental and human values convinced me to take part in the project. I'm now developing its digital presence, promotion and marketing strategy."

Hadrien Othnin-Girard

R&T Manager
"After 4 years working as an aerospace engineer specialized in new manufacturing technologies, I joined Arkeon willing to add my skills to a meaningful project - energy decarbonation."

Mohamad Joumaa

Product Development Engineer
"I joined Arkeon to participate in finding a global and multi-level solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions due to heating and cooling needs in buildings. It was also an opportunity to be part of a team of innovative engineers and founders."

Théo Granger

Solutions Architect & System Engineer
"After 5 years in the aerospace industry and then in the high-tech and heavy industries, I was attracted by the opportunity to implement my System Engineering skills to a new innovative business that matches my values. The inspiring Arkeon project and team were also determining in joining this startup journey.”

Our partners